merry choppins (aka Tony Esterly) has been helping other artists create music for years. His production and songwriting credits include work with BTS, SIA, Andra Day, Yo Gotti, KIRBY and Ashe among numerous others.

However, as the Covid-19 pandemic hit and Esterly was spending time away from others, he decided it was the perfect time to take a step back and create music for himself again, and so merry choppins was born.

His debut double single ‘cloudin / nananana’, is an experimental artistic expression that fuses together electronic, pop, hip-hop/R&B, funk and alternative. Much of the music is instrumental with vocal hooks by merry choppins himself, but on ‘cloudin’ he welcomes alternative act, Island Police and on forthcoming collabs features hip-hop artist, Tim Gent and R&B powerhouse, Jessy Wilson.

This project serves a dual purpose – to have a platform to share my own unique sound as an artist after years of helping others define their sound and also challenge myself to take a couple steps past the norms into the weird zone. I’ve written so many great songs with artists that didn’t necessarily fit their lane. Some of what you’ll hear from merry choppins are songs that started with others but were re-produced and made into my own, while others have been merry choppins from day one.

merry choppins

merry choppins is soon to be releasing further original music and remixes. Keep a tab on his upcoming projects with a follow on Instagram.

Listen to ‘cloudin / nananana’ below.