Simon Field is an award winning producer and songwriter based in Oslo and with the release of his new single ‘Shake The Tree’ we can certainly hear why. ‘Shake The Tree’ is a classy slice of melodic vocal house with a hint of 90’s prog/trance, produced by Simon using an entirely analogue studio set up. It’s out now on Perfect Havoc, a UK label seriously making a name for itself with a slew of quality releases of late.

Simon’s production and writing draws influences from early house, soul and funk to recent deep house and artists such as Disclosure and ZHU. He reveals his thoughts behind the new single,

“Shake The Tree is taking a deep dive into a Norwegian forest where normal things appear strange in the light shining through the trees. I wanted to take the listener on a journey and make them feel like they were inside the forest”

Simon is also a tastemaker himself with over 220,000 followers for his Ibiza 19 playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

‘Shake The Tree’ is available to buy / stream worldwide on Perfect Havoc. Stream here: