Enigmatic producer juuku is shaking up the scene with yet another beautifully produced release, this time in the form of a debut collaboration with Moving Castle co-founder, Manila Killa.

Titled ‘Just Lost’, it marks the third track to be taken from juuku’s forthcoming EP ‘Warmth’ on 7th April. It perfectly combines an up-beat melodic ambiance with a highly addictive hook and bouncy drop. It has all the trademarks of a juuku production: undeniably versatile with compelling melody and bass-driven narrative.

On collaborating with juuku, Manila Kila said,

I’ve been following Juuku for a while now, impressed at his unique take on gritty sound design and in-your-face production. The minute I listened to the initial demo he sent me, I knew exactly what feeling he was going for in the song. Everything came together quite fast.

juuku added,

i have been a fan of manila killa for a while. it’s always been a dream of mine to work with him. when I wrote the idea for just lost, i felt like the song would be an absolutely perfect pairing with him on it and he definitely brought it to another level. this song represents one’s journey in life, constantly trying to find our way ever time we lost it

Listen to ‘Just Lost’ below.

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