London-based, DJ, producer and songwriter, Movada returns to Perfect Havoc with ‘Level Up’, a fun, bouncy house tune in the unique style that made his last single ‘Bananza (Belly Dancer)’ a TikTok viral hit with 27M views.

The young artist only arrived in 2020 with his debut single ‘Stay’ on TYM Recordings and that impressively has clocked approximately 5M streams since.

A year later, Movada aka Noel Wayne / Ekko City, made his debut on Perfect Havoc with ‘High Off Me’ in collaboration with the California-based electronic producer, Mahalo.  That too has streamed over 5million times so it’s fair to say that Movada has been making quite the impression.

On ‘Level Up’, Movada is on fine form. A contemporary 4×4 beat with hip house vibes drives the track home alongside an on-point vocal with quirky percussion throughout.

It’s another solid release for Perfect Havoc, shortlisted for Best Independent Record Label at the 2022 Music Week Awards. The label’s output of commercial dance with a smattering of the more club-focused sounds has given rise to six UK Top 20 singles including the No.1 single ‘Head & Heart’ by Joel Corry & MNEK.

Now having generated over 5 billion streams, Perfect Havoc is one of the most consistently successful indies in recent years. Keep an ear out for more releases over the coming months with cuts from Freejak, PS1, Kokiri and more.