Electronic producer Barron has revealed the official music video for his uplifting and inspiring single ‘Home’. Inspired by a three-month RV trip in an RV, the beautiful, nature-fuelled visuals are the perfect backdrop for his angelic soundscape. 

With a sound that can be described as both energetic and euphoric but also deeply emotional, the Nashville, TN native, Harrison Barron, strikes just the right chord that has garnered the rising talent over 100,000 streams with fans right across the electronic music sphere.

On the release of the official video, Barron said,

“The idea for it came from the fact that I went on a three-month RV trip with some good friends a couple years back and this video is portraying that journey and the somewhat humbling feeling of the return home. For a short period of time, we really didn’t have a care in the world and were just living life the way I feel it should always be lived.

I grew up watching music videos on MTV and have always loved the idea of creating a visual narrative for people while they listen to a song. Unfortunately, I feel like music videos are becoming a dying art with the way the music industry is heading but I hope that trend reverses. Putting this video together with my friend was a cool experience and I definitely plan to create more videos for my tracks in the future.”

With a passion and respect for his artform, Barron has a promising future ahead.