Sony Pictures debunks Spider-Man 3 rumors of former Peter Parker actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield joining the Marvel movie cast. Maguire played the wall-crawling superhero in all three of Sam Raimi’s movies – Spider-ManSpider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 – while Garfield took over the role for Sony’s reboot of the franchise in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. After Garfield’s second turn as Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, didn’t perform as well as expected, Sony struck a deal with Marvel Studios that allowed the latter to introduce Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Tom Holland cast in the role.

Sony’s statement is clear that these castings are not confirmed, so anyone coming across the rumors should take reports of Maguire and Garfield’s involvement with Spider-Man 3 with a huge grain of salt. Of course, that’s not to say things don’t change. Sony’s statement doesn’t indicate whether they’re trying to cast Maguire and Garfield, just that it’s not confirmed at this time. It’s also possible that even if the actors were to officially sign on to the project, their castings would be kept a secret in order to surprise viewers once Spider-Man 3 hits theaters. As of now, though, Sony has confirmed that Maguire and Garfield are not officially part of Spider-Man 3.

In the end, that may be a good thing. With Electro and Doctor Strange set for Spider-Man 3, Sony and Marvel’s movie will already have a great deal of connections to the MCU and previous Spider-Man franchises. Since these characters point to Spider-Man 3 dealing with the multiverse, it opens up the possibility of other actors/characters from Raimi’s trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man movies crossing over with the MCU. But if that were to happen in Spider-Man 3, the movie runs the risk of becoming overstuffed. Holland’s Peter Parker will already be sharing the screen with Cumberbatch’s Strange and Foxx’s Electro – and whoever else is cast in the film. If Maguire and Garfield were to join Spider-Man 3 as well, it could make for a convoluted or underdeveloped story, unless they only appear in brief cameos. For now, it’s confirmed the former Spideys aren’t involved in Spider-Man 3, but it remains to be seen what exactly Sony and Marvel have planned for Holland’s next solo outing.

Source: Screen Rant