Crossover house music DJ and producer, Henry Hacking is back on London’s chart topping label, Perfect Havoc. This time he’s teamed up with Scottish songstress, EMIAH on ‘Make Believe’ a high intensity dance/pop anthem featuring Hacking’s trademark piano house vibes.

We’re fans of Henry Hacking over here at Global Frequency HQ. He’s always guaranteed to deliver the feelgood house we need to get us fired up for the weekend and he delivers once again on this release.

This one is out on Perfect Havoc, the label that brought us Joel Corry, PS1 and a host of other crossover hit artists, so we’re in safe hands.

Henry Hacking has clocked up 6 million global streams so far and links up with EMIAH who has scored 8 million streams of her own with tracks like ‘Casual’ alongside Tom Hall and Nalestar, and a remake of the JoJo hit, ‘Leave (Get Out)’ with James Bluck – it looks like both these artists are set for another big record.

Stream ‘Make Believe’ below.