Hoxton-based label, Perfect Havoc welcomes Estonian artist NOËP with his new single ‘On My Way’ featuring UK singer-songwriter CHINCHILLA. The pair solemnly mix house with chill/pop and deliver a beautiful piece of music alongside an incredibly catchy and infectious vocal from both performers. 

It’s out now and available to stream via all platforms https://perfecthavoc.lnk.to/onmyway

When asked where he’s headed with the upcoming tracks, NOËP says that he believes getting stuck in just one type of sound can be limiting for artistic development, so it’s best to keep on moving, as states the title of his new single ‘On My Way’. The fresh banger talks about giving in to temptations with the added twist of suggesting that at times it can be good for you to do so. “Due to our society’s norms and taboos, we may actually sacrifice some amazing moments and memorable experiences just to do the right thing,” explains NOËP.

Having directed several commercials, videos and films, NOËP has a drive to tell his own stories via music videos. As for most of his previous tracks, ‘On My Way’ is supported by a self-directed music video, playing around with the modern virtual reality world, bringing together the artist’s love for gaming and the message behind the new single. I feel like my background as a film director influences a lot of my songwriting. The storytelling has a specific structure which is usually inspired by the aesthetics of film screenplays. A separate visual world entails with every track you write, generating a new reality.” The new video for ‘On My Way’, which merges the traditional lyric video format with virtual reality and modern storytelling, will be out on October 30th.

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