The Bundesliga will have to play without fans again after the tentative return of spectators was cut short due to rising coronavirus infections in Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and governors of the country’s 16 states passed new restrictions on Wednesday in a bid to contain the virus, meaning professional football matches will have to be played without spectators starting Monday and for the rest of November. Amateur sports and leisure activities were suspended, with the exception of individual exercises.

“We must act, and now, to avoid an acute national health emergency,” Merkel said, as she outlined the reasons behind closing restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres and other leisure facilities for four weeks.

The Bundesliga has been playing with limited or no fans present this season anyway, with teams following local restrictions based on infection rates. But Wednesday’s new measures are the first nationwide clampdown since the Bundesliga’s two-month suspension when the pandemic began in March.

Source: Sky Sports