Yes, we know it’s basically a big advert for BMW but we still want one! Austrian pro skydiver and base jumper, Peter Salzman, had the idea to give his wingsuit a boost so took it to those clever German designers at BMW.

BMW took about 3 years working with Salzman and their design team to create the electrified wingsuit and are quick to point out parallels with their all-electric BMW i3 vehicle, and granted the car is very cool, but given the choice, I think I’d go for the wingsuit.

The electrified drive system and energy storage unit are integrated into the front of the wingsuit. The propulsion unit allows Salzmann to fly at incredible speeds of up to 300 km/h for up to 5 minutes. For the maiden flight, Salzmann and two others jumped from a helicopter at an altitude of 3000 meters and flew in formation in the direction of Mount Massif in Austria. As the 2 other wingsuit pilots fell towards the ground, Salzman clicked on the electric drive system and flew upwards to clear the last mountaintop.

Check out the video, it’s definitely worth a watch…

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