Europeans will soon, if they haven’t already, begin receiving Tesla Model 3 EVs imported not from the US but from China. In an announcement via its official WeChat account, which Bloomberg reported on Monday, Tesla said that Chinese-built Model 3 sedans will soon head to a handful of European nations. The electric sedan has, so far, only come from Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. 

The Model 3s shipped from its new Shanghai factory that opened this year will begin reaching Europe later this month. Countries on deck for the Chinese-assembled cars are Germany, France and Switzerland, though seven other nations will also receive the cars from the newer Tesla assembly plant.

For now, it’s not clear if this will become the norm for Europeans shopping Tesla vehicles. The automaker already confirmed plans to build a new factory in Berlin, which could also make a smaller, more affordable electric vehicle in the future. Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

According to the Bloomberg report, Chinese-built Teslas will likely ship to other areas of the world as well. According to sources familiar with the plans the publication spoke with, Australia is another likely country that could see its future Teslas sourced from China, rather than the US. Meanwhile in the US, Tesla plans to build a new factory for Cybertruck, Semi and Model Y production in Austin, Texas.

Source: Cnet