Garmin has just launched a new addition to its fitness-watch range in the shape of the GPS Enduro, a super-charged wearable aimed at ultra-athletes, with a tonne of features to help track long-distance running, hiking and endurance exercises.

A base charge for the Garmin Enduro lasts 50 days on smartwatch mode. This can be bumped up to 65 days with the watch’s solar charging capabilities: pretty impressive.  

New features wise, ClimbPro sees the Enduro give you updates and information on your route, so you can see any hills you’re running, the gradient, its total distance from bottom to top and the elevation gain.

Trail Run VO2 Max comes with trail runners in mind. The feature adjusts your VO2 Max to take into account the impact of terrain and altitude on heart rate and pace

And in ultrarun activity, the Rest Timer allows for quick checking of time spent in aid stations and allows athletes to more accurately monitoring break times post-race

Reportedly one of Garmin’s lightest watches, with an UltraFit nylon strap and optional DLC-coated titanium bezel to make it ultra durable, the Garmin Enduro is now available for £699.99