Let’s face it, Covid-19 has ruined everything. All our plans for festivals, all our plans for parties, all our plans for travel – basically all our fun. We need something to look forward to in this miserable, post-apocalyptic Covid wasteland. Step forward The Yacht Week!

The renowned ‘floating festival’ has opened bookings for 2021 with flexible tickets and an environment where safety is paramount, so if Covid decides to strike you’re completely covered. So what are you waiting for? The Yacht Week has routes covering Croatia, Greece, the Caribbean, Polynesia, Montenegro and Sardinia Emerald Coast. You can join a flotilla of yachts on the trip of a lifetime taking in stunning coastlines, magical beaches, and deserted islands, not to mention 7 days of sailing, amazing parties, music, exploration, wellness and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to chill or party non-stop, The Yacht Week has an option you can look forward to.

If you’re looking for next level fun, The Yacht Week also includes options to hit Ultra Festival or Hideout Festival in Croatia as part of the trip.

credit Adam Bertalan

Since 2006, The Yacht Week has created opportunities for people to step out of their everyday lives. Like-minded individuals can come together to enjoy an experience like no other. No sailing experience is necessary but guests on all routes can get involved out on the open water or find secluded, clear water bays for swimming and snorkelling. Travellers can take their pick of parties from clubs to deserted islands, or even enjoy the unique circle raft at sea complete with the Buzz Boat fully loaded with VOID Acoustics soundsystem. They can watch sunsets from the coolest beach bars, lounges and restaurants as they enjoy exquisite cuisine and cocktails, explore their world with scooters and open-top cars, or choose wellness and recovery with beachside yoga, spas and fitness. 

Good luck finding anything better to look forward to than this one!

Check www.theyachtweek.com for full pricing on all routes and more info.