Zwitscherbox is a stylish little box with a motion sensor which, when triggered, surrounds you with the relaxing sounds of birdsong from the Bavarian Forest for two minutes, before it gently subsides. This is designed to counter the noise and stress of modern life and reconnect you with the sounds of nature, anywhere in the house. Earlier this year a study at Kings College London concluded that listening to birdsong can boost mental wellbeing for up to four hours. In fact, numerous studies have shown that listening to birdsong not only reduces stress, but can also increase creativity and productivity. 

Julian Treasure, sound and communications expert, five-time TED speaker and author of ‘Sound Business’ recommends listening to five minutes of birdsong every day. In his TED talk ‘The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us’ he reveals that humans have evolved over many thousands of years to recognise that when birds stop singing it means danger, while the sound of birdsong makes us feel reassured and safe, intuitively lowering stress levels and instilling a sense of calm.

This minimal and contemporary design product, requires no cables so can be placed anywhere or wall-mounted. Zwitscherbox is now available in the UK from independent stockists and Amazon UK in seven acrylic-faced colourways (£39.99) and three natural wood-faced finishes (£49.99).