After touching down on the Martian surface yesterday (18 February), NASA’s Perseverance rover has sent back its first images from the Red Planet.

The 1025kg vehicle transmitted two sepia images of the Mars landscape, showing rocks on the ground, the horizon and a shadow of the craft itself. Taken shortly after landing, the images were blurry due to dust kicked up during descent.

Perseverance posted the images to its Twitter account as well as a highlight video reel.

Perseverance will explore Mars’ Jezero crater. While it’s believed that the water may be long gone, somewhere within the crater there could be evidence that life once existed there.

More images, videos and sounds from the rover are expected to be transmitted over the weekend. After being captured, they will take 11 minutes to reach Earth due to the more than 200 million km between the two planets.

Follow the progress of the Perseverance Mars Rover via Twitter.

Source: Science Focus.