Released on 25th September via Hoxton-based label Perfect Havoc’s sister imprint Organized Chaos, ‘Go All Night’ is a hard-hitting house cut with rampant energy, thunderous beat patterns and gritty instrumental layers. A high-octane stomper, primed for the peak hours of the party, it provides the perfect choice for those looking for that hands up and heads down moment, while hypnotising with its narcotic vocal hook.

Ruff Club are a trio of British DJ’s and producers, Scott Forshaw, Joe Beck and Jack Harris. After spending time together in the studio in the UAE, they’ve been moulding and refining their unique style and sound, which they’ve kept under wraps until now. Focusing on bringing their individual, fresh influences to the studio, they have secured several releases on prominent UK based labels. Individually, they’ve had releases on labels such as Toolroom, Armada and Ultra and racking up over 5 million streams worldwide. Expect to hear plenty more of Ruff Club from here on. 

Also based out of Dubai, Fizzo & Jay are well versed in the art of production, both being qualified audio engineers with bachelors in Audio Production. Their combined knowledge of the technical aspect in the studio makes a worthy adversary for their unwavering creativity, which will no doubt keep them on a steady incline within the industry. A fundamental part of Ibiza Global Radio’s UAE arm, their weekly podcast called ‘Fabricated Junk’ continues to garner the duo an increasing amount of attention as they build on their ever-increasing presence within the electronic community.

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