New musician on the block, Jake Schafer, has recently unveiled his first EP of 2021, and it’s one worth checking out. Titled ‘The Space Between’ and released independently by Schafer himself, the 3-track EP showcases the various production personalities of Schafer. ‘Over and Over’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘I Need You’ each make for vibey and atmospheric listening with notes of disco and funk running through the electro-pop theme. It’s a refreshing body of work and Schafer’s delicate vocals just glue the whole thing together.

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Schafer established himself as an artist and producer working in some of the biggest studios in Nashville.

His solo career began after a falling out with a close friend. When asked what moved him to pursue producing for himself Jake claimed, “the goal is to fill the gap between what was, and what could be.” The only way to complete a production is to do it yoursef. Schafer believes this is why his music is evolving so rapidly and effortlessly, especially with a background filled with unwanted drum and piano lessons. From here, Jake grew only to grow apart from himself, a phenomenon he refers to as ‘The Space Between’… Listen below

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