An official music video has premiered this morning for ‘On My Way’, the latest single from indie alt/pop artist, NOËP featuring UK singer-songwriter CHINCHILLA. A solemn mix of house and chill/pop, ‘On My Way’ was originally released on London’s chart-topping imprint, Perfect Havoc on 23rd October, and like most of NOËP’s previous releases, the accompanying video was self-directed by NOËP himself. It plays around with the modern virtual reality world together with his love for gaming and follows the mesmerizing story of a girl trapped in a video game. If it was unclear before that NOËP is a multifaceted artist, those talents are more than evident in this latest creation.

Stream the video now: 

Having directed several commercials, videos and films, NOËP has a drive to tell his own stories via music videos. I feel like my background as a film director influences a lot of my songwriting. The storytelling has a specific structure which is usually inspired by the aesthetics of film screenplays. A separate visual world entails with every track you write, generating a new reality”.

The latest video sees a TV mysteriously turn on in a girl’s apartment as a sparkling video game cartridge appears on the floor. She inserts the cartridge and becomes immersed in the game, swiping moving lyrics with virtual lasers and dodging curious shapes as they dart across the screen. The scene takes a turn when out of screen, a shape knocks the girl unconscious on the floor. She wakes to find herself in a virtual reality world of the game itself, and while she fights for survival, a sinister ‘Level 2’ message appears leaving the viewer feeling that her time in the game is anything but over…