New Age Frequency : Who is JMancera?

JMancera is a musician of the world.  His latest music release, “Reflections II”, beautifully showcases his melodic storytelling.

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New Age Frequency : Q&A with JMancera

What is your story behind “Reflections II”? :  “Living in New York City, one day I was walking in front of a busy subway station. I decided to stop and take a moment, breathe, watch people running, people pushing each other to get in, stress, no smiles on their faces.It was like a lot of water running in an enormous drain, floating our lives in the middle of blocks of buildings and long streets congested with a lot of traffic. Suddenly a melody came to me, to my mind. The juxtaposition with what I was watching with a soft, quiet and slow melody, I was whistling trying to stop the speed of those images. Life is something that is passing by and meanwhile we are doing something that is created with it. Take a moment to make reflections.

Favorite Musician of all-time? :  Frank Sinatra for his voice obviously and elegant, sophisticated style that was like no other. David Sanborn because he created a unique and yet always contemporary saxophone sound. Huey Lewis and the News were a great happy rock ‘n’ roll band with really good song arrangements. The Power Of Love was my favorite.”

Favorite song of all-time? :  My favorite song of all time is maybe Hard To Say I’m Sorry by Chicago although Hotel California runs it close.”

Favorite album of all-time ? :  Chicago 16″

Hobbies besides Music? :  Running, hiking and watching football and going to the movies, museums and art galleries. I like people watching a lot.”

Favorite color? :  “Black”

Favorite travel destination? :  Anywhere outside of the house. Any destination.”

Favorite food? :  “Seafood”

Favorite drink? :  Red wine”

Favorite quote? :  The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” –  Albert Einstein

Favorite movies? :  “Victor Victoria and Scarface.”

Where do you most often listen to music? :  “Driving or in the studio but I prefer driving especially now that I live in LA.”

New Age Frequency

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Sea to Sun proudly presents a New Age musical masterpiece by Colombian composer/saxophonist, JMancera.  Mancera’s “Reflections II” launches an exciting new chapter in the accomplished musician’s career.  Teaming up with producers Malcolm Francis and Anton Bass, the composition’s unforgettable melodies are uplifted with a lush, dynamic hybrid of musical elements.  Ear grabbing from the start, JMancera’s whistled melody foreshadows an arrangement that is both hooky and dynamic while Mancera’s soprano saxophone resonates as a signature voice that is full of texture and sensual elegance.  The production features electronic beats that are enhanced with live timpani rolls, violin accents performed by Allison Cornell (Shania Twain, Cyndi Lauper, Joe Jackson, Paula Cole, Pat Benatar, Brandford Marsalis, etc.)  and ethereal background vocal nuances performed by chart topping electronic songstress Sylvia Tosun.  

JMancera is truly a musician of the world.  Born in Bogota, Colombia, he emerged as a musician, composer and songwriter. While growing up in Bogota, the budding artist first discovered music when his uncle taught him to whistle when he was just four years old. To this day, JMancera composes his melodies by first whistling them into his iPhone. 

 By the time he reached high school, he was studying music formally and soon after, he was traveling the world as a session artist, band member and composer. He toured with singer Leonardo Fabio throughout Latin America as a saxophonist and flutist. Nominated for a Latin Grammy as part of the band Los Alfa Ocho, Mancera is a virtuoso player with influences from his roots in Colombia to early 60s Motown and beyond.

 When JMancera first arrived in the United States, all he brought was his saxophone and his dreams.  After 25 years on the New York music scene, he finally recorded all of the melodies that were dancing in his head for his first full length album of music entitled “Mancera #5”, released independently in March of 2016.  The collection of songs mingle soul, pop and jazz to create a sound that defies categorization. With a fresh new production approach for 2017, JMancera’s music is poised to touch audiences around the world, sharing his love for life and musical inspiration.