GF Review:

This tune will have you Lost in a Feeling of trance euphoria! 

Don’t we all love to be lost in a feeling?  It’s the feeling you get on the dance floor when the DJ builds to the perfect moment and the energy of the crowd is filled with peace, love, unity and respect.  This tune is literally all about that.  Sylvia Tosun’s vocals are soothing to the soul as she hypnotically sings “here we are…lost in a feeling”.  As the music starts to build and we anticipate the beat dropping, her voice powerfully belts “It’s all love and it’s alright!”, repeating the lyric again and again… Then the beat drops and there we are Lost in a Feeling of trance euphoria!

* The Digital X Remix was featured by Armin van Buuren on #ASOT820

Download & Stream :  https://seatosun.choons.at/lostinafeeling


Sylvia Tosun is known as one of the most recognizable voices in electronic music, with six Billboard Dance Chart Top 10’s including #1 hit “Push n Pull”. In 2011, Armin van Buuren, one of dance music’s biggest names began heavily supporting “An Angel’s Love”, Tosun’s collaboration with trance DJ Alex Morph. He played it in nearly all of his sets around the globe, helping the song to become one of the genre’s most beloved songs of all time. Since then, Tosun has collaborated with some of the most popular producers of trance including Aly & Fila and Andrew Rayel.  

Pino Benji are a new production team hailing from Finland, a quartet comprised of Tuomas Kallinen, Jussi Vuorivirta, Sauli Ollonen and Henrik Kantola. On a mission to bring a fresh sound into trance, with a pinch of old school vibes, their opportunity to collaborate with Sylvia Tosun came from a combination of fortuitous timing, serendipitous inspiration and a well crafted email. Tosun’s manager received a polite enquiry with a link to hear a track demo. Despite receiving several such enquiries each week, the demo caught his ear enough to add it into a playlist including other tracks for Sylvia to consider.  A few weeks later, the singer-songwriter sat down at her piano in search of fresh inspiration and clicked on Pino Benji’s track. The rest, as they say, is history… 

Never was a track more aptly named than “Lost In A Feeling”. The classic, melodic trance draws you in but then as the beats evaporate and the musical moment is suspended in air, a rich bed of pads provide the foundation for Sylvia’s celestially textured voice to guarantee you lose yourself in the feeling.

Injecting the song with high-octane power is the Digital X remix, a hands-in-the-air, dancefloor beast of a track with tough beats and a driving acid synth. The dynamic arrangement elevates the feeling of the original mix with delicate moments that build into a crescendo, peaking as the beat drops into trance euphoria.