Renegade (A Collaboration for Black Lives) is the new single produced by a handful of trap producers and vocalists who came together to create a song in hope of change. The versatile group of musicians are donating 100% of the proceeds of their collaboration directly to the Color of Change organisation.

Featuring producers DarkMark, Harlyyn, Hekler, Juelz, juuku, RemK, and Stay Loose, alongside vocalists chæ, Darkmark, midnight, and Wasiu, it’s a powerful release born out of pure solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement.

Vancouver-based producer Julez explained, “2 weeks ago I was compelled to create something thats sole purpose was to help fight for equality of Black people in America. With the help of several very talented friends, we came up with this a week or so later.”

Renegade (A Collaboration For Black Lives) is available now exclusively on Bandcamp: