Virgin Galactic has finally revealed the interior of SpaceShipTwo. If you can afford to shell out in excess of $250,000 for a trip into space when this project is ready to launch (still no news on that date), then we have to hand it to Virgin Galactic – they are making sure you travel in style.

As Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier put it, the cabin “will both facilitate and elevate a uniquely profound and transformational journey for the thousands who will fly.”

This cabin is designed to allow you to float in zero gravity with windows offering a view of earth as well as deep space, but while you’re seated, crew seats are tailored for each individual astronaut and dynamically enhance comfort while exiting and re-entering the atmosphere. The seats also cantilever to maximize cabin space for floating.

With this latest reveal, a trip on the Virgin Galactic is looking like it might end up being a bargain, whatever the price.