Nashville’s colourful alt pop personality, Chaz Cardigan is back with a bombastic new single, Everything’s Wrong. Straight off the bat, what we like about this is that while Chaz is addressing post-breakdown life, it’s not in the way one would think, quite the opposite. “It’s about not letting a breakdown keep you broken down”, Chaz explained, “There’s liberation in feeling low because things can only get better.” What a refreshing take.

Between LGBTQ+ platform ADVOCATE, who summed up Chaz as “an alt-rocker for a new, angsty generation”, and Billboard who hailed Chaz as a “certified 21st century pop artist,” they’ve nailed his musical style. The lyrics are irreverent yet meaningful, and you get the best bits of catchy pop with the balls of an alt-rock record.

Chaz Cardigan is as much about personality as he is music. We highly recommend following him on TikTok. During quarantine, he’s been posting videos delivering his frank thoughts about current events in song form that remind us of a certain Tim Minchin. Also worth checking out is Chaz’s Wild World weekly web series. His take on historical moments and wacky ideas across planet Earth are as hilarious as they are inspired.

Co-written by Julian Dente and produced by Simon Oscroft (The Aces, The Naked & Famous), Chaz Cardigan’s Everything’s Wrong is out now on Capitol Records/Loud Robot. Stream now across all platforms.