When it comes to being able to convey a specific emotion through music while at the same time telling a story that can be universally relatable, few are doing it better than rising producer, instrumentalist, and cinema 4D artist, juuku. The multifaceted artist has quickly become one of the most talked about artists in the electronic space and is definitely one to keep a close eye on. 

Since his debut show in Houston, TX in July 2021, juuku has been hard at work in the studio, having released originals such as “Icarus” and “I Tried.” Now he is back with yet another original titled, “Numb.” This track depicts the trials and tribulations that life continues to throw towards the young artist making him feel numb to the surrounding chaos and commotion. Specifically, the many transitions that he has been going through these past few months. Keeping this in mind while listening, you can really feel the emotions that were poured into this track. 

Numb is a feeling I’ve been feeling lately. There are so many different transitions in life that I’ve been going through the past few months that it feels like I cannot grasp on something to hold onto until I realized the music will always be within me, and I will always be here to draw it out, no matter how numb things feel.


Starting out with a somber guitar melody followed by echoing vocals, “Numb” quickly builds into a buzzing static drop that makes you want to run through a wall. This track does a great job at tying together an emotional melody with the same incorporating those hard-hitting drops that we all have come to know and love so well. 

Listen to “Numb” below.

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