xCloud is a deceptively simple product in its current form. You don’t need much to use it — an Android phone running version 6.0 or later is enough, plus a minimum 10Mbps internet connection and hopefully a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, and you’ll probably want a Bluetooth controller. Touch inputs are currently limited to a single game, Minecraft Dungeons, with plans to support a small slice of the Game Pass library some time in the future. (Also, playing with a touchscreen on a cloud gaming service has generally been a miserable experience.)

You’ll also need to pay $15 a month for a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, but xCloud isn’t the only benefit: it gives you access to over 100 games on Xbox and PC in addition to streaming games to your phone. The Game Pass app itself is easy to use, responsive, and well-designed.

Tapping any one game will let you know if it’s able to be played via streaming, or if it can only be downloaded to a paired PC or Xbox. (We have a breakdown of the pricing and various subscription tiers for Game Pass here, as well as an xCloud how-to guide here.)

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Source: The Verge