Doctor Who season 13 has reportedly begun filming. The BBC’s flagship science-fiction TV series, Doctor Who, has been running since 1963 – granted with an extended hiatus between 1989 and 2005. But viewers have been somewhat starved of news from the TV show itself of late, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Doctor Who Holiday Special had wrapped production in time, but unfortunately, the BBC initially considered it impossible to get to work on season 13 under social distancing rules. In a speech to the Royal Television Society in June, Rhodri Talfan Davies – the head of BBC Wales – noted he didn’t believe it was possible to maintain the same production standards, which involve hundreds of people. There’s been no word since June, leading many viewers to fear there would be a long wait before Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor returned to the small screen.

The latest reports suggest the BBC has finally begun production on Doctor Who season 13. One fan shared their delight on Twitter when they went for a stroll down the road and discovered Doctor Who filming at the end of the street. Apparently, Jodie Whittaker was there, shooting an emotional scene.

Source: Screen Rant