As it continues to grow with 1.1million streams on Spotify, over 3 million views on Tik Tok and no less than 6 spins on the UK’s biggest youth radio station, BBC Radio 1, ‘This Town’ now gets a full video launch. The video follows a young girl cycling across lockdown London in a Pokémon GO-style search for new hope.

The video for ‘This Town’ begins with a street-savvy looking, young girl sliding a cassette into a tape player. With the ominous graffiti ‘Stay Home’ sprawled in the background, she hits play and starts to sing along to Timpo’s vocals. Data begins to appear on a device strapped to her bike that informs her: ‘New Target Detected’. Meandering through the streets of an abandoned London on her bike, the girl captures a trail of symbols, which lead her to the location of a small girl who hands over a strange device. The video climaxes as the device transmits a signal around the world, leaving the viewer feeling hopeful that the young girl has communicated her existence to someone else on earth. 

With themes of determination and hope, the video for ‘This Town’ is a reflection of the current climate in 2020.

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