Darksynth is on the rise, or so we keep hearing. Well, if ‘Dark Nation’ the new album from Manchester, UK producer DEADLIFE is anything to go by then it’s rising fast!

Already this exciting producer landed at #12 in the Billboard Electronic Album Sales Chart with his 2019 album ‘Singularity’ and has smashed through 3.5 million streams of his music. His Spotify following recently pushed through 110,000 monthly listeners as increasing numbers of fans discover and connect with his futuristic soundscapes, gothic synth melodies and hard-hitting beats. 

With a foundation in metal and punk, the former drummer and self-taught producer also drew upon electronic music – retro sci-fi soundtracks such as Vangelis’ ‘Bladerunner OST’, 90’s dance such as Daft Punk, Justice, and Underworld, and computer game soundtracks like Nobuo Uematsu’s ‘Final Fantasy’ and Akira Yamaoka’s ‘Silent Hill’. Together with his fascination for dystopian, cyberpunk imagery (reflected in the stunning artwork which accompanies his releases) these influences converged to create DEADLIFE’s unique sound, quickly embraced by lovers of darksynth around the world.

‘Dark Nation’ is sure to put DEADLIFE and darksynth on the map.

Out now on NRW Records. Download / stream here:  https://deadlife.lnk.to/DarkNation