In an effort to dig a little deeper – in byte-sized fashion of course – into the artists, projects and news we are really interested in, Global Frequency is launching a little interview series. Each question is focused around a number and we kick things off with the music genius recently brought to our attention, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, it’s LukHash!

LukHash’s new album ‘We Are Stardust’ on NRW Records immediately topped the Bandcamp Overall Sales Chart underlining the extent to which this talented artist has connected with his unique blend of modern electronic music production, synthwave, dystopian cyberpunk, and retro arcade gaming culture. LukHash recently broke through 10 million streams of his music on Spotify and the release of ‘We Are Stardust’ represents another big step forward. Videos of his experimentation with custom-modified Commodore 64 computers and hacked, original Nintendo Gameboys went viral on YouTube (and more recently TikTok) and LukHash continues to find fans who share his love of futuristic tunes integrating the nostalgic sounds of an electronic past.

Hey LukHash. Welcome to Global Frequency!

 Sum up your sound in 10 words or less.

Synthwave meets computer bleeps and bloops. Is that ten already?

 Where will LukHash be 5 years from now?

In my home studio working on another album 😊

Top 3 favourite tracks on your new album and why?

Code Veronica‘ – A special song for a very special person, packed with more emotion than any other track on this record.

We Are Stardust‘ – Because of the message. Lately, there has been a lot of negativity around the world. This track is about passing and reminding us how precious and fragile life is.

Cyberiad Theory – Because of the technique used. Some C64 bassline towards the middle of the track + glitch effects created from the cuts of binary audio data from the 1984 Commodore 64 game “Impossible Mission”.

 3 albums you would want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

Muse ‘Origin of Symmetry’

No Doubt ‘Tragic Kingdom’

Queen ‘Greatest Hits’ (1981 UK edition)

 1 Reason Why People Should Listen to ‘We Are Stardust’

Because it’s probably just a little bit different to everything else you’ve heard.

 Who is the most influential artist of the last 100 years?

I’d like to say Michael Jackson but I think I have to go a bit further back. Elvis Presley – not that I’m a fan, but whether you like him or not, you can’t deny his legacy and his impact on the next generation of artists. And until last year he was still considered the best-selling solo artist in music history.     

 Which is better and why – 3 top 10s or a number 1?

Definitely 3 top 10s for me, because it would be great to be amongst the best ones more than once! 😊

 3 interesting things about chiptune

The beginning of chip music dates back to the early 1950s

In the early days of chiptune, you really needed to know your stuff and have some good programming skills in order to make the sound chip sing. The technology used today was not available. The process was limited by many constraints and some of the early composers that pioneered the genre are nothing short of geniuses.

Chiptune influences can be found in mainstream songs. Most popular examples include ‘Kernkraft 400’ by Zombie Nation which used David Whittaker’s Commodore 64 tune from the game “Lazy Jones” or infamous use of Jane Suni’s “Acidjazzed Evening” by Timbaland who “sampled” (lol) C64 version of the tune in “Do It” by Nelly Furtado.

1 thing nobody knows about LukHash! 

I’m addicted to Snickers bar. I munch them at night while making music.

LukHash’s incredible new album ‘We Are Stardust’ is out now NRW Records.

Download / stream here: