It’s rare that a press release lands in our inbox and makes us go ‘wow’ but it happened today.

LukHash is a Polish producer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. His music is a mish-mash of synthwave, EDM, and retro gaming sounds. His new single includes all these elements and I have to say, I think it’s a great sound – both futuristic and nostalgic all at once.

The new single drops ahead of an album ‘We Are Stardust’ coming soon on NRW Records, which I’m now very much looking forward to. But why did we go ‘wow’ here at Global Frequency Towers? It’s because Lucas also puts together amazing videos of him using 80’s favourites, the Commodore 64 computer and original Nintendo Gameboy, both customised and hacked, to create some incredible live jams incorporating the sounds of the original retro 8-bit arcade games into modern electronic EDM and synthwave. Check this out…

We love to see an artist experimenting and doing their own thing, so download or stream the new release and then get over to for more cool stuff.

LukHash ‘Code Veronica’ is out now on NRW Records